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Stiff Chilli Indonesia Barbarians beat the Macau National Team

17 Jul ’08

On Friday 13 June, a team consisting of players from 5 Indonesian clubs (Komodos, JJRG, Bantengs, Bali RFC, Bandung Rams), played Macau.  The game was proudly sponsored by Stiff Chilli (Rodney Holt) Bali RFC.  Many thanks to Rodney.  IRFU will no doubt have a write up of the match for OB. But below are some impressions from that match.

Both teams arrive early (6pm for a 7pm match) onto holy turf.  The grounds are nice and firm and a little wet below the surface (ummm). Macau in their training gear, Barbarians in their club jerseys.  The 45 minute warm up, led by Coach Steve Hayward, was the first half for some.  With minutes to go, our new spanking Barbarian jerseys with red shorts made its way to the stands. With no time to change, we changed on the field as Macau waited.  As with proud Baabaas rugby, club socks were the norm. Tom “Blowfish” Elliot was made captain. Being the great tosser he is, we won the coin and elected to kick off from club end. The call for the first half was “Indonesian pride.”

Baabaas chased fervently the first kickoff into Macau 22.  Tackles were made and no quarter given in the first 10 mins.  Boys were made men - except when getting their nuts squeezed in the rucks/mauls.  Macau forward pack played an English type game of powering up the middle.  Our defence held with great one-on-one tackling by the forward pack led by “give me the fucking ball” Eldon and “Ronin” aka Toshi-san.  15 mins into the half and we were trapped in our red zone.  A crucial mistake was made when rotating backs and Baabaas were caught out wide one man short - as much as Model Mike tried (or in the modelling game ‘solicited’), Macau winger scored in the corner.  Try uncoverted. 5-0 to Macau.

A few words from the captain under the posts that Marcel Marceau would have been proud of, we chased the ball again.  (Btw, Kristian “the mercenary” came in at standoff, with Peter moving to 2nd and Morita out to centre.) We attacked the Macau line for 10 minutes, Kris chipping it in the corners for lineouts. Although our lineouts made an All Black hooker proud, we had Kiwi ref in Dicko that night, not a Welshman…but we found a way to retrieve the ball at every opportunity.  The old up and under was utilised. Some deft running from Ben “I tackle you” Peter kept us in their red zone. Eldon was well marked, although getting inches away from the line.  After a few more minutes of forward muscle and bodies lying over the place (most of that as a result of ferocious tackling by Olly and “Unit” of the Bali RFC), it was up to a bit of real brilliance that got the game going. Ben Peter catches a chip on the halfway line, he dummies to Model M, fends off a 2nd then beats the winger and fullback to the corner for the try of the game. 1 man on 4 - brilliant! Coversion missed, 5-5. One more throw of the dice before halftime. Kris fakes a kick off the scrum in our 22, he dummies and slices open their backline like a ninja blade (I’m sure that’s a lyric), on to Peter who passes it on to Morita. Morita-san aka “silent assassin”, runs in and out of opposition for 25 metres.  Before passing the last pass to Ben, he is tackled from behind and the ball spills forward.

Halftime rolls around with Baabaas spirits high.

We recieve the ball and the big men drive it up.  At this stage, the Macau no 6 has now figured out the gameplan.  The next 4 phases he picks out the big men and steals the ball at every opp. We are taught a harsh lesson about ball security…

Macau’s second try is comes off a backline move on halfway. Standoff to second, centre off a short ball. He runs 10 metres who then glides it out to his winger scoring in the corner. Again another valiant chase by Ben Peter to keep him in the corner. No conversion 10-5 to Macau.

For the next 15 mins, its up and down the field between the two sides with many missed opps along the way.  We get a well earned penalty, bang it in the left hand club side corner.  Lineout ensures which we win.  A few tackles made in mid-field in their red zone. Another penalty, quick ball from halfback, “Sweet” Moses to Eldon.  He is again cut down 2 ms from the line. Another shortarm penalty. Whilst the team trys to figure out what to do, Ronin (Toshi-san) gets sick of the talking - taps the ball and dives over the line between 3 tacklers. 10-10. Try coverted (12-10), but complaints are made.  Dicko has had enough and 3 minutes spent with the Macau team reminding them who the ref was.  Penalty to us at halfway which Kris kindly returns with a nice kick in the corner. Our backs are up.

A few more opps lost when we are again “schooled” on ball security.  (Something to look at next time Coach) With 7 minutes to go. Scrum half-way, Baabaas ball.  The backline is split. Danger man Kris leads the majority of the backline kanan.  The call is made to Yaba-san to go “kiri” - very difficulty moves indeed! Left is Peter and Moses.  Peter gets the ball, steps inside his opposite, steps inside the number 8 covering and is in clear space.  He passes onto “big man” Mumum who is playing blindside.  Fullback to beat, he throws a pass inside to Peter supporting who is chased last 10 metres to the tryline. Uncoverted try. 17-10.  We sniff a victory.

2 minutes later, the Macau lads again throw it out to their backline. One movement results in a try in the corner - was a good try actually. 17-15.  Conversion is made from the sideline - bastard - its all even 17-17.

3 minutes to go and we are camped down in their 22.  We win a scrum and out to Kris, then out to Ben, to Peter and Mike.  But the Model, like his casting calls, is ‘‘called back’’ by the ref for a forward pass. Lost ball by Macau in the scrum and we have one more opp.  Out to Peter who delays his pass for a short ball to Ben.  But Ben thinks its a longball though and by the time he realises it, he is lined up from his opposite. Peter up-ended (cheap shot really) and Ben crunched in the tackle (sorry for the hospital pass Benny).  Ball is lost.  Game is over.

Although a win would have been nice, 17 all draw for a Baabaas team which had only one practice was a fair and well-earned result against a national squad.

No man of the match award given on the night.  But Ben Peter with his brilliant running and league defence was possibily the Man of the Match for BBs. With his hardhitting and no nonsense attitude, Eldon was second, followed by a mercurial performance by Kris at standoff.  We now have a standoff that can kick boys!

IRFU may have a different view, but those are my impressions. Once again, many thanks to Rodney and Bali RFC for the sponsorship of this game.  A game to be remembered.
Peter Faa Fu

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