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Bali Sports Foundation

16 Jul ’10

To improve the lives of children in Papua,Bali & East Indonesia by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.

To create a healthier and safer East Indonesia through the power of sport and play.
By providing Safe and supportive sports environment which can provide youth with a place in which they are treated with dignity and through which they can:
Develop new and valued skills
Form friendships, receive and give peer support, and enhance their social networks
Receive mentoring support from trusted adults, who can serve as youth advocates
Take advantage of new learning and educational opportunities.
High level training through volunteer coaches and mentors
Up to high school education through our JV with DHIF
Experiences in religious tolerance and understanding through bringing promising athletes to our central sports center in Kuta,Bali
Train the trainers program for the sports centres

Identify promising talent and provide them with life skills

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