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Bali Ocean Swim

16 Jul ’10

5km charity Ocean Swim held on Kuta Beach in the Indian Ocean

Bali Swim4Kids is an initiative that through support and assistance of Bali Sports 4 Peace Foundation and the right promotion will be able to provide swimming and water safety lessons for the average and underprivileged children on Bali, and in the future, Indonesia as a whole.

Our Simple Plan:

Conduct an Ocean Swimming Competition on July 4.  Entries are open to both local competitors and overseas visitors.
The swim is a 1.2K and 5 K under the supervision of the Balawista Surf Lifesaving Group at Kuta Beach.
Event is run for males and females in the following age groups: Juniors (12 to 17 years), Adults (18 to 35 years) and Masters (over 35)
Money raised from entries to the event is to be used (after expenses are covered) to conduct swimming programs at local pools (thereby generating business for them) and beach locations for children from low income families.
Any money raised through sponsorships by businesses or individuals would go to BS4PF for the Bali Swim4Kids program.
These programs would offer children a 10-15 lesson program to develop water confidence, awareness and safety for children and an understanding of the inherent dangers of water activities.
Equipment for teaching, such as kickboards and noodles will be provided.
Each child would receive a pair of swim goggles and a t-shirt at no cost to them.
Entry to the local pool would be covered by the program and the swim teachers utilised would be paid for from the program.
As the program grows we can train local unskilled Indonesians to become Internationally recognised swim teachers, thereby giving them a skill that they can use to earn money for their families and communities.
The ocean swim and subsequent program would become an annual event.  The bigger the race becomes, the more children who will benefit from the program.

If we manage to prevent even one death by drowning wouldn’t that be worth it all?

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