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 2017 Review 


2017 A year in Review


Opening ceremony of BSF's 4th Bali Cup - International wheelchair basketball 




In 2017 Bali Sports Foundation re branded as BSF Indonesia, to reflect the expansion into other provinces of Indonesia.2017 was another great year for BSF , with a number of firsts again,

- the first women's wheelchair basketball Cup,

- the first Giro di Lombok,

-the first wheelchair eskrima(stickfighting) event,

-first BSF hand-cyclists  representing Indonesia at the ASEAN ParaGames in Kuala Lumpur and winning 2 gold,1 silver and 1 bronze and

-the first BSF Disabled Lawn Bowl team representing Indonesia at the Asian Championships and winning silver in the pairs.

- first Boccia tour to Singapore

All this would not of been possible without our sponsors :

LB,AusAid,US State Dept,Laureus,RCMA,RJHgroup,Bluewater Express,Maxi-Drill,Polytan,Rabobank,LDC,Coaltrans

And BSF's partners

HWDI,Bali Island School,BIMC Hospital,World Wheelchair Express,Balawista,CMAA,Bali Garden Hotel.

And finally BSF staff and Volunteers that make it all happen.

2017 A year in review 

The year's highlights on top of the regular weekly adaptive sports programs BSF provides

Wheelchair Basketball - Amputee,Para & Polio
Wheelchair Rugby - CP,Amputee and Quad
Powerlifing - Amputee,Polio
Blind Judo - Blind
Goalball - Blind
Wheelchair Shooting - Amputee & Polio
Special Needs Swimming - all disabilities
Blind Powerlifting - Blind
Deaf Mute Eskrima - Deaf Mute
Boccia - Severe CP
Wheelchair Fencing- Amputee & Polio
Disabled Lawn Bowls - Polio,CP,Amputee
ParaSailing - Amputee & Polio
Blind Soccer - Blind
Handcycling - Polio,Amputee,Para
Wheelchair Racing - Polio,Amputee,Para




Wheelchair Basketball



Together with volunteers from the university of Victoria,BSF NTB starts the wheelchair basketball program in Lombok.

For those interested in volunteering see a video on the experiences of the University of Victoria



Wheelchair Rugby

Ni Made Ratni & Ni Ketut Suarti with the Australian Wheelchair Rugby Coach Brad Dubberly

Ni Made Ratni and Ni Ketut Suarti were invited to join the NSW Wheelchair rugby squad,NSW one of the best provincial sides in the world.One session including training under Australian gold medal winning coach Brad Dubberly.A big thank you to Mark Wilson from the NSW Wheelchair Sports.A special mention to Ms Mayuni Utara and the Balinese community of Sydney for your support to Ratni & Suarti.




Wheelchair Basketball

BSF Sulewesi

Delivery of new basketball wheelchairs for BSF Sulewesi  w HWDI.With the support of the Consulate of Australia - Makassar





Wheelchair Basketball

BSF NTB & Sulewesi

Women's Wheelchair Basketball Training Camp - Thailand

April 15-21

BSF sent the senior players and coaches from BSF Sulewesi and BSF NTB to Thailand for a week long training camp under IWBF  with international coaches.With the kind  support of the IWBF (International Wheelchair Basketball Federation) and WWE (World Wheelchair Express)



2nd Giro di Bali 

29-31 April

The second Giro di Bali was held from April 29-May 1,with a large number of participants from the UK foundation Regain joining our  4 day ride around Bali.The ride involved following the coastal roads as well as riding around the volcanic craters.

For video of the 2nd Giro di Bali - see

WWE's Steve Eleson around the crater






Wheelchair basketball  

IWBF Training


2 BSF staff attended a clinic in wheelchair basketball refereeing and classifying in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Matthew Wells , IWBF's Head Technical Official conducted the workshop, together with AOZ - SEA VP Dr Ang

While the classification workshop was conducted Ms Jin Tan,IWBF, International Classifier


Boccia,Powerlifting,Swimming,Blind Soccer,Special Needs Martial Arts

5th BSF Bali Friendly (ParaGames) Games



Train the Trainer in Monitoring and Evaluation for BSF Bali and BSF NTB.




BSF At Coaltrans Conference


BSF manned a stand at the Coaltrans Conference.Coaltrans ,BSF oldest sponsor, has supported BSF since 2009


Wheelchair Basketball


May 19

Visit by the USA Ambassador to Indonesia Mr Joseph R. Donovan Jr to BSF NTB Wheelchair Basketball program.


Wheelchair Basketball

BSF Sulewesi

May 22

Launching of BSF Sulewesi with HWDI ( Indonesian Disabled Women's Association) under Ms Maria Un and with the Australian Consul General to Makassar,which supported the women's wheelchair basketball program.



Denpasar Fun Run 

May 21 

BSF Bali participated in a 10km Fun Run to show handcycling to the general public.




Youth Soccer


June 4-6

BSF Indonesia won the prestigous SCC Soccer Sixes U14 Youth Tournament,winning against academy sides in Singaporee,Cambodia and Thailand

BSF's winning U14 youth team with the support crew of BSF staff and volunteers







Victoria's Disability Sports and Recreation cycle Bali


BSF's handcyclists joined the DSR Cycle trip in Bali on June 5.

Victoria DSR's CEO Richard Amon visits BSF Sportshall.



Open Water Swimming

8th Bali Ocean Swim

July 2


For video of the swim, please click link


Wheelchair Rugby

3rd Bali 4's 

July 6-9

Hosted together with


For video of the Bali 4's please click link

Full report please click link

Indonesia's captain Ni Made Ratni, winning her second consecutive MVP (Most Valuable Player) award at the Bali 4's.

HWDI East Indonesia  and BSF Sulewesi Cooordinator Maria Un receiving certificate for introduction to wheelchair rugby classification from IWRF's Deborah Duffield



Wheelchair Basketball

4th Bali Cup 

July 28-30


BSF held the 4th Bali Cup and introduced women's wheelchair basketball comp.

Winning Afganistan team

Full reports please click link below


For video of the tournament- click link

BSF's office manager Rudi, performinmg at the Bali Cup presentation dinner.




Wheelchair Racing

Bali Marathon 

Aug 28

In the 10km wheelchair run section of the Bali Marathon, BSF athletes filled 5 of the top 6 positions in the men and women categories.Reflecting BSF's strong women sports programs, BSF took out  all the medals in the women's section.



Special Needs Martial Arts

Bali International Stickfighting Challenge

Sept 6-10

Held together with BSF's martial arts partners Combined Martial Arts Academy (CMAA)


with over 50 competitors from USA,Australia,Philipines,Indonesia,Singapore.


Deaf Mute Eskrima.



Powerlifting & ParaCycling

ASEAN ParaGames in KL

Sep 16-23

4 BSF Indonesia athletes participated in the 2017 ASEAN ParaGames in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.

All medaled

Gek Dewi - 2 Gold - ParaCycling

Ni Nengah Widiasih (Widi) - 1 Gold - Powerlifting

Ni Nengah Widiasih (Besar) - 1 Gold - Powerlifting

I Wayan Damai  - 1 Silver,1 Bronze - ParaCycling

Gek Dewi 1st Gold

Gek Dewi 2nd Gold

Ni Nengah Wdisaih (Widi)

Ni Nengah Widiasih (Besar) 

I Wayan Damai - 1st medal

2nd medal

Double Golden girl with Indonesian ParaCycling Coach,Pak Puspita and Indonesian Chef de Mission Dr Bayu



Wheelchair Rugby

USA Gold Medalist  Wheelchair rugby workshops



Nick Springer - USA Wheelchair Rugby team player came to Indonesia with support of the USA State Dept grant to conduct wheelchaiur rugby train the trainer in Sulewesi and Lombok.


Nick ,Indonesian Captain Ratni and Ms Maria Un from HWDI on TV promoting paralympic sports .



Disabled Lawn Bowls

Asian Disabled Lawn Bowls Championships

Oct 14-19

BSF Indonesia sent a team of three disabled lawn bowlers representing Indonesia to Asian Disabled Lawn Bowls Championships in South Korea.The team successfully won silver in their first tournament.

The bowlers with their BSF coach Cristin Holder






1st Giro di Lombok

Oct 18-22


The inaugural Giro di Lombok was held over 4 days in the second half of October with over 30 cyclists from all over the world.From Central Lombok the ride went east to Labuan Lombok then north across the top to Sembalon,then back down to the west coast along to Sengigi ,and on the last day a ride through Mataram and back to Praja.


For more photos see




Wheelchair Rugby

Singapore 4's iSwitch Cup

Nov 3-5

The Singapore 4's iSwitch Cup was held at the Canadian International School with the opening match between Singapore and Indonesia played at the legendary SCC Rugby 7's tournament at the Padang.

Indonesia run out winners.



Singapore- Indonesia  Challenge Boccia

Nov 30

Video of one of the matches - please click link

BSF Indonesia won 4-2 against Singapore.






Indonesian National Powerlifting Championships

BSF's Ida Ayu Kenari wins Gold at the Indonesian National Powerlifting  Championships. Other mnedals are silver for first timer  Shinta Utami and Silver also to Gusti Setiawan.




Australian Embassy Day for Inclusion


BSF's Ni Made Ratni was invited to a discussion panel for inclusivity at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

For more please click links


Wheelchair rugby  poster on Australian Embassy wall



Wheelchair Basketball & Boccia

NPC Indonesia Selection

Dec 18-19

The Indonesian National Paralympic Committee held selection trials for the 2018 Asian ParaGames in  in Solo,Java 18-19 December .A number of BSF athletes have been involved from our Wheelchair Basketball  and Boccia programs.




Wheelchair Basketball

BSF Sulewesi

Dec 23-24

BSF Indonesia programs continue in Sulewesi with our partners HWDI -



Anyone interested to support BSF Indonesia, can do so on our donations page on our website.


For up to date news see BSF facebook at:

All videos except one by Liz Pardey - a big thank you from BSF

Providing  sports for youth with the following disabilities


Wheelchair Basketball - Amputee,Para & Polio
Wheelchair Rugby - CP,Amputee and Quad
Powerlifing - Amputee,Polio and Blind
Blind Judo - Blind
Goalball - Blind
Wheelchair Shooting - Amputee & Polio
Special Needs Swimming - all disabilities
Deaf Mute Eskrima - Deaf Mute
Boccia - Severe CP
Pararchery - Amputee & Polio

Disabled Lawn Bowls -amputee & Polio

Para Sailing- polio,amputee

Blind Soccer


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